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Bulova Snorkel 666 in Steel Vintage Full Set 1969

Bulova Snorkel 666 in Steel Vintage Full Set 1969


Introducing the vintage Bulova Snorkel 666 in steel from 1969, a remarkable timepiece that not only embodies the spirit of exploration but also offers a glimpse into horological history. This rare find comes complete with the original box, guarantee, and even the original sales invoice, making it a truly remarkable treasure for watch enthusiasts and collectors alike.


Crafted with precision and enduring style, the Bulova Snorkel 666 is a testament to the brand's commitment to exceptional craftsmanship. This vintage timepiece features a stainless steel case that exudes robustness and durability, perfectly complemented by its timeless design elements. The black dial, adorned with luminous hour markers and hands, showcases a striking contrast against the steel case, ensuring optimal legibility even in challenging conditions.


The Bulova Snorkel 666 was designed to withstand the depths of exploration. With a water resistance of up to 666 feet (200 meters). Unfortunately due to the age of this exquiste pieces it is no longer equipped to handle the rigors of underwater adventures. Its uni-directional rotating bezel was made for precise timing, adding a touch of functionality to its classic aesthetic. 


The vintage charm of this Bulova Snorkel 666 is further enhanced by the original box, guarantee, and sales invoice. These accompanying documents not only authenticate the watch's heritage but also provide a glimpse into its fascinating journey through time. They serve as a testament to the watch's provenance, adding a layer of historical significance to this remarkable timepiece.


Owning the vintage Bulova Snorkel 666 in steel from 1969 is like owning a piece of horological history. Embrace the allure of vintage craftsmanship, the reliability of a trusted brand, and the added rarity of the original box, guarantee, and sales invoice. Whether you're a dedicated collector or a lover of timeless elegance, this vintage Bulova Snorkel 666 offers a unique opportunity to own a remarkable piece of the past, preserving its legacy for generations to come.

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